Liberation Pledge


To commit to anti-speciesism is to value everyone’s lives equally. It is to respond the same way to nonhuman abuse as you would to human abuse.

We ask a simple question: If humans were chopped up in little pieces on the dining table, would you eat there anyway? If your answer is no, we urge you to expand your circle of concern to all nonhuman animals.

The Liberation Pledge is simple.
 Step 1: Publicly refuse to eat animals – live vegan.
Step 2Publicly refuse to sit where animals are being eaten.
Step 3Encourage others to take the pledge.



Every meal we have with nonvegans forces us to make a choice. We can either let the consumption of animals continue as if there is no moral conflict or we can choose to confront exploitation. When we take the Liberation Pledge, we show our opposition to the brutal act of nonhuman consumption, we challenge the social norm of eating animals, and we turn the tables on nonhuman exploitation.

We strongly encourage everyone who cares about ending nonhuman exploitation to take the Pledge and to be open about it. Be proud to showcase your support to pigs, chickens, lobsters, cows, fishes, and other animals murdered for food.  Wear a fork bracelet as a symbol of the Liberation Pledge to show solidarity with nonhuman animals.

You can buy the bracelet from our friends at Envision Positive here, from the many sellers on eBay, or you can make one on your own if you have the skills to do so!



We do understand that taking and maintaining the Liberation Pledge can be a difficult ordeal. It comes with a lot of challenges, which is why we urge everyone interested in the Pledge to check out, an online forum for Pledge takers, skeptics, or anyone interested to learn more. Ask questions, get help, and share stories of success with our community. If you want to take the Pledge but it’s complicated, you can describe your situation and our members will provide advice. If you’ve taken the Pledge and you’ve run into some problems, describe them and we’ll provide you with help. Finally, if you’ve had success with the Pledge, please share your story!